Sektion Frankfurt

8. Fachsitzung 2017

Mathias Rotach (Universität Innsbruck)

Exchange of mass, momentum and energy between mountainous terrain and the atmosphere

Mountainous areas contribute in major ways to synoptic-scale and meso-scale atmospheric flows (e.g., orographic precipitation; gravity wave drag; thermally driven flows, …). Both weather and climate models need to get these processes right. Indeed, interaction with mountainous terrain constitutes one of the major uncertainties in Earth-system modeling. Important internationally coordinated activities in the past (ALPEX, PYREX, MAP, …) have addressed these issues and have substantially advanced our knowledge with respect to the impact of mountainous terrain on the atmosphere.
Due to technological and scientific progress, physical scales (time and space) that can, in principle, be treated are getting smaller (better numerical resolution, surface based remote sensing, more satellite programs at better spatial resolution). Hence, we begin to be able to observe and model in a physically consistent manner what traditionally is called ‘earth-atmosphere exchange’, i.e., the coupling between the surface and the atmosphere – even over complex mountainous terrain. While this task over flat terrain essentially corresponds to using concepts of boundary layer meteorology, it includes processes at distinctly different scales (from synoptic and meso-scale to the local boundary layer and near-surface micro-scales), as well as their interactions over mountainous terrain.
In this seminar, some of the activities at the University of Innsbruck (Dynamic Meteorology) dealing with Earth-atmosphere exchange over mountainous terrain are presented. In particular, the ‘i-Box’ (Innsbruck Box), its research incentives and first results from this program are presented. An outlook on a potential new international initiative to address the scientific questions raised by i-Box through a larger community and in more general terms will round off the presentation.


Datum 22.11.2017

Zeit 15:15 Uhr

Kolloquium Mathias Rotach (Universität Innsbruck)

Ort Deutscher Wetterdienst
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